This site is all about getting angry! If you’re someone who is always angry this is a great place to learn about how to deal with your anger. More importantly, if you’re one of those people that just don’t get why some things can be so infuriating, this is the site for you. Every week there will be a new post on why mundane things make us short-tempered people explode!

Now just a little about me, the author, because what is anger without a little narcissism?

I am a fourth-year university student who is pursuing a bachelor of arts and social sciences with a major in English. Within my major, there is a huge sector dedicated to the diaries of people from centuries past. This has always made me want to start a blog but, I never knew how to get started.

Often in these diaries, people will talk about what made them frustrated with the time they live in. Their daily woes and who is making them mad is the most common topic. Therefore, I think this is the perfect opportunity to make a journal about just that in the medium of my century, and so welcome to my blog! Stay awhile and find a post that resonates with you or get mad that you can’t relate to anything! Either way, ENJOY!