Why Are Strangers So Intrusive?

I would really rather that they remain strangers.

The Looker

The first type of stranger on my list is someone I like to label the looker. This person has no issues laying their eyes on you and never budging. The only way you’re shaking their gaze is by getting far enough that they can no longer see you. This person is not to be confused with the odd person you catch eye contance with. In that situation both parties look away respectfully. The looker never backs down and will look until he can’t look anymore. Infuriating.

The Toucher

This is an ambiguous category depending on how you feel about physical touch. The toucher is generally an older lady and she will usually be encountered at work. Instead of using verbal communication, the toucher prefers to alert you through physical interaction. You will be minding your own business and all of a sudden you will feel a steady hand on your back or a hand wrap around your wrist. You will immediately try to remove this strange touch. However, the toucher doesn’t give up that easy. This old lady will follow you with her hand on your hand until she is finished saying what she wants. Disgusting.

The Angry

This is one of the worst and possibly most frightening categories. People that walk around mad and ready to start an argument. Often times the angry person does not care what sort of mood you greet them in, they always act as if you’ve done something wrong. The will counter your cheery greeting with a grunt and then will continue to scowl through the whole interaction. A total mood ruiner.

The Elitist

This person has no care for anyone else around them. They think that it’s their world and that we are just living in it. These are the type of people who will cut in line, ask for discounts when the product is fine, speed around your car just to get stuck in front of you. These people have no other priority in life other than to make others feel small. Their actions making you question if they ever had anyone to show them manners? So upsetting.

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