It seems that everyone loves to sleep, myself included, so it’s odd that I am writing a post complaining about it. However, sometimes it just gets on my nerves.

Its Difficult

Why is the act of falling asleep so difficult? Like there are so many requirements in order for me to fall asleep that it seems I would likely parish of natural selection if I were made to live anywhere else in the world. My routine is honestly quite extensive. I need brushed teeth, new pyjamas, tight sheets (why would anyone like a loose fitted sheet? It’s called fitted for a reason), the lights off with zero natural light streaming in, a cool but not cold room, the blankets up to my chin and covering my feet. Then and only then am I ready to attempt to fall asleep. It’s really a lot to do.


This is something I think everyone struggles with. Whether it be your phone or your own tireless brain there is just so much going on. Matter of fact I am writing this post at 4:00 AM because I couldn’t get to sleep. I have tried to make my room as distraction-free as possible with soft coloured paint and a minimal decor style but still, my mind is always wandering

It’s Kind of Weird.

What is sleep really? Some people make the joke that it is practice death, but isn’t it really? It is such a weird thing to think that I can have all of these complex thoughts and feelings and then at night I put my body on its resting shelf and become unconscious for a couple of hours.

In general I actually really love sleep and there isn’t too much to comaplain about. I am just upset that it isn’t coming to me right now. Maybe I’ll take a nap later though.

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